Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Perkee. That’s why we chose to partner with the Soppexca cooperative, a sustainable coffee community in Nicaragua. With this partnership, came a responsibility to support the many individuals who work hard each season to provide us with our beloved Perkee beans. When we discovered that the women who rake the coffee beans during harvest referred to the rest of the year as the ‘skinny season’ due to their seasonal employment, we made a pledge to help. This comes in the form of an eco-friendly, Perkee Foundation* Huskup reusable coffee cup made from rice husk, not plastic.

Perkee Foundation Huskup cup

We share the belief with reusable cup producer Huskup that the lifespan of the cup you drink from is just as important as the coffee inside. The agricultural industry produces 125 million tons of rice husk each year. However, Huskup makes that waste their gain by using it to produce lightweight coffee cups with a premium, ceramic-like texture. They’re dishwasher and microwave-friendly and, unlike plastic, they can be buried in the ground once you’re finished with them. They will only take 90 days in an industrial composting plant to fully decompose.

Profits for women at Soppexcca cooperative

All profits from our Perkee Foundation Huskup coffee cups will contribute to building a biscuit factory in Nicaragua.  With this factory, the women who we count on for delicious coffee, can count on a year-round income.


*The Perkee Foundation is maintained by bartlett mitchell for the benefit of the Soppexcca cooperative.