• How Perkee changes lives

  • Why choose Fairtrade? 

We can’t keep Perkee to ourselves!

Our coffee beans and filter are available to buy online now. Enjoy next day delivery with Amazon Prime, so you’ll never have to miss that delicious taste of Perkee ever again.

For those who want none of the caffeine, but all of the flavour, then our decaf coffee is for you. Using the CO2 decaffeination process, it involves using liquid CO2 to extract the caffeine, but leaving the rich, flavour behind. This method creates less waste than the Swiss Water method, and is more sustainable.

Our coffee is sourced from the Soppexcca co-operative in Jinotega, Nicaragua. We have ploughed Perkee’s profits back into the community creating an ambitious and sustainable future for the next generation. We ensure our farmers are paid the Fairtrade Premium to ensure they can build a better quality of life and fight the challenges their families and communities may face.

Who knew so much good could come from a cup of coffee?

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