Perkee is for clients who want a compelling and distinct workplace coffee offer.

Perkee’s taste and obvious sustainability attracts and keeps customers unlike other coffees. Perkee single origin coffee tastes delicious and has an uplifting Fairtrade story which makes customers feel good about drinking it.

What powers our brand?


  • We always give customers and each other a cheerful welcome.
  • We love making our customers’ days even better.
  • Perkee makes people feel good.


  • We are expert baristas.
  • Our training is innovative and inspiring.
  • Perkee coffee beans are grown lovingly by the Soppexcca cooperative farmers.
  • Our roasters know how to create a delicious roast.


  • Perkee is a Fairtrade and sustainable coffee.
  • We are open and fair with our coffee partners.
  • Selling Perkee improves the lives of the Soppexcca cooperative farmers in Nicaragua.


  • We’re pioneers in sustainable coffee at work.
  • We’re curious and we like learning new things about coffee.
  • We are always searching for ways to create a better coffee experience for our customers which includes sourcing speciality coffees.