BM’s annual Coffee Carnival, is the first of its kind in the foodservice industry. It’s our way of uniting baristas, clients and BM’s team members to celebrate our company’s vibrant coffee culture.

At BM we take our coffee seriously. We like to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest thinking in the coffee industry. For example, we’re constantly exploring the diverse range of milk alternatives on offer. We strive to improve the skills of our in-house baristas and create innovative drinks. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in championing sustainable sourcing in order to keep the relationship between our clients and their cup transparent.

What to expect

Our annual Coffee Carnival is a time for budding baristas and coffee critics alike to immerse themselves in the world of Perkee Coffee. Get involved in a range of exciting events including our annual Barista Championships as well as challenges hosted by brands like Birchalls Tea and Islands Chocolate. Sip on delicious Perkee coffee samples whilst watching our in-house baristas’ create latte art.  Or, take a lesson in coffee roasting from one of our expert guest speakers. We’re proud of what we do at Perkee Coffee and the Coffee Carnival is our way of celebrating the dedication of our colleagues to great service. It is an exciting occasion to showcase their achievements, our products and our values to our clients.