The UK uses seven million disposable cups every day*. And alarmingly we recycle less than 1 in 400 cups (0.25%). To help reduce this waste, we offer clients the choice to buy or retail Perkee reusable cups. Our partner is Ecoffee ®, whose reusable cups are light, bright and beautiful to drink from with no plastic after-taste. They are available in 12oz, the standard latte, and 8oz for cortado and smaller drinks.

Perkee reusable cups are responsibly-made and durable. Food-grade silicone, oxygen and sand make the cup’s lids and sleeves. Ecoffee have reduced the cup’s melamine content to an industry-low of under 3%. This has been verified by sustainability quality assurer Intertek. Ecoffee has also closed the loop to dispose of the cups.  Customers can return their cups to Ecoffee who commercially recycle or re-purpose them into new Ecoffee cups.

Other products available in the reusable range include hot and cold vacuum bottles. The reusable bottles are double walled stainless steel, 100% leakproof and will keep contents hot for 12hrs and cold for 24hrs. These bottles are perfect to replace disposable water bottles, disposable hot drinks cups, and single-use packed lunch containers.

Giving our clients and customers access to Perkee reusable cups makes it easier for them to #choosetoreuse – every single day.

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