Perkee believes that customers should be happy with their coffee and have fun. To do this we need highly trained baristas. Perkee baristas are trained at our Barista Academy in London. All our trainers are SCA certified and we’re proud to have a champion on our team. Our development programme splits into three different levels of training to maximise interest and progression.

When you choose Perkee as your coffee partner, you don’t just get the coffee. We make sure you receive all the support you need to make Perkee a great success.

This includes a complete package of brand support:

  • Barista training
  • A comprehensive launch package and on going customer communications
  • Takeaway cups
  • Sustainable ‘Ecoffee Cups’
  • Sugar sachets
  • Point of sale
  • Crockery
  • Menu boards
  • Uniforms
  • A complementary food range
  • Seasonal coffee flavour updates
  • Customer masterclasses

Our customer masterclasses are educational, entertaining  and designed to encourage lots of interaction between baristas and customers, because that’s what makes Perkee a success.

When it comes to coffee machines and barista equipment, we work with our partner Bewley’s, who share in our mission to provide the best coffee in the business. We also choose state-of-the-art coffee machines.

If you’re interested in joining the Perkee team click here to learn about the opportunities available.