Everyone loves Perkee coffee

“A great idea and philosophy behind the coffee and it tastes great too!”

“Lovely coffee and I like the ethical sourcing story”

“It reminds me of Divine chocolate – a great back story – if ever I have a choice I choose them for that reason.”

“I love Perkee. It gets better the more you say it out loud too. Love the calligraphy, homespun and real photography. Really like the palette too. I’m getting ‘authentic’, ‘crafted with care’ and ‘rich in life’.”

“I had a Perkee coffee latte today. The mild acidity and gentle sweetness help deliver a nice tasting coffee. A good feeling knowing that the source and supplier matter to you”

“Excellent, quite mild and nutty, just the way I like it.”

“Very smooth, complex taste and no bitterness, well made.”