At Perkee, we’re committed to keeping pace with developments in the coffee industry by striving for innovation and ensuring our standards of barista-ship continue to rise. Our annual Barista Championships test BM’s baristas on their coffee knowledge, grinding skills, coffee machine use and milk preparation techniques. These are just one of the ways that we work to finesse our service at Perkee.

Baristas from across the UK compete in four heats and a quarter-final. The six finalists then enter a three-stage challenge, held at our annual Coffee Carnival. This consists of an espresso course, a cappuccino course and a freestyle course. In the latter stage, we challenge participants to tickle our judge’s taste buds with signature drinks of their own creation.

Whilst one finalist will be crowned Barista Champion, additional awards for Best Cappuccino, Best Espresso and Best Signature Drink are also up for grabs. Plus, at BM we appreciate that the perfect cup is about more than just taste. It’s about the whole experience. The service with a smile. So, alongside our technical awards, we also honour one contestant with an award for Best Customer Service.