I feel privileged to be going to Jinotega in Nicaragua tomorrow to visit farmers in the Soppexcca cooperative. These farmers grow the coffee beans we roast to make Perkee, our Fairtrade coffee.

I am looking forward to meeting the farmers and finding out how Fairtrade has changed their lives. I want to see the impact of the Fairtade partnership. And I am particulalry intererested to learn about the farmer’s homes, schooling and healthcare and how they are improving.

I am anticipating that it will be a life-changing trip – hearing and seeing the difference that Fairtade can make.

I am armed with my Spanish translation app and accompanied by bartlett mitchell’s founder, Wendy Bartlett (my translator!).

It will be interesting to see how coffee is prepared and served in Nicaragua. I am taking the head of the cooperative some English tea, a tea pot and cups and saucers with a nice tin of Scottish shortbread. If you are interested, you can read more about Soppexcca on our website.

I will update you on my exciting trip to Nicaragua in my next blog.