Sarah Reynolds recently spoke to b&i catering and shared her desert island dishes

  • Cheesecake – any flavour will work for me as it’s my absolute favourite dessert and I can’t resist it!
  • Vanilla iced latte with oat milk – a cool, refreshing drink to boost my energy! I can’t go a day without coffee, but iced is definitely the way to go for me.
  • Deep dish pizza with pineapple and ketchup – I’m constantly judged on this but it’s honestly the best way to eat pizza, no contest.
  • Vegetarian tacos – I love Mexican food and tacos are the best of all – the perfect level of crunch with cool sour cream and cheese!
  • A nice cold beer – perfect for summer nights and washing down the other dishes!
  • Vegetarian sausage casserole – it keeps you warm when it’s chilly, and the rich flavours are perfect after a long day
  • Chocolate in any form – I definitely have a sweet tooth and love experimenting with different dishes you can put chocolate in!
  • Stir fry – my best friend, George, taught me to make the best stir fry so there are always good memories around it, it’s the perfect light meal and really filling!
  • Luxury item – iPad and pencil – I can’t go a day without drawing so this would be a necessity to keep me busy, and there’s always inspiration around regardless of where you are!
  • Book – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – this is my all-time favourite novel, I don’t think I’d ever get sick of it! I love being transported back to a different time, and surrounded by strong female characters.
  • Ultimate dish – vanilla iced latte with oat milk – I could drink this all day long, it’s refreshing and perfect no matter what time of day!

This article first appeared in b&i catering and the full article can be read here