Every coffee enthusiast wants to be able to make their own homemade cappuccino with or without the use of an espresso machine, and lucky for you, we have the perfect recipe for you that uses a moka pot to create a lovely frothy cappuccino in the comfort of your own home.

Equipment needed

Filtered water
Moka pot
Grinder or fine ground coffee
Full fat milk
Mug to serve
Optional: cocoa powder


  1. If you are using whole beans, grind the beans to a fine texture, similar to ground paprika. Make sure you have enough for your moka pot chamber.
  2. Heat up the filtered water in a kettle and when ready, fill the moka pot water chamber until just before the release valve.
  3. Fill the coffee chamber with the freshly ground coffee. Using your fingers, tuck all the coffee in without pressing, it is fine to have a lump of coffee in the middle.
  4. Carefully put the moka pot together (it will be hot, so use oven gloves), then place it on the stove on a medium heat.
  5. Meanwhile; prepare the cafetière by removing the interior glass and filling half with milk. Place in the microwave until it gets really hot, 2 minutes should be enough.
  6. When the moka pot starts gurgling, remove from the stove and place it in the sink with a cool, damp cloth around it to stop extraction.
  7. Move the hot glass container to the cafetière holder. Use the strainer to create the cappuccino foam by moving it up and down quickly, until smooth and velvety.
  8. Pour 50ml of the syrupy coffee made in the moka pot into a mug.
  9. Swirl the milk well so that the foam doesn’t separate from the liquid milk. Pour the milk in very slowly and close to the coffee by tilting the mug.
  10. To finish your homemade cappuccino, dust with cocoa powder if desired.