It has been eight months since Perkee, our premium, sustainable coffee brand was first launched during Fairtrade Fortnight by Ana Maria Gonzalez Narvaez, a farmer from the Soppexcca Union of Co-ops in Nicaragua.

We now serve Perkee’s single origin coffee bean in more than 20 outlets. Its growth has been down to its popularity with customers. In blind tastings it always wins. Coffee sales increase by 20% everywhere Perkee is launched.

Our comprehensive training and barista academy means that standards are and continue to be maintained well above the pass mark of 85%. All our baristas and even customers attend our Barista Workshops which help them to develop their skills and to have a better understanding of how to make a great coffee.

We have now appointed some exceptionally talented master baristas to work with me. These new master baristas will help to grow Perkee’s popularity and raise standards. We will be holding our own exciting Barista Championships next year to promote Perkee and improve our barista standards even further.

Perkee recently launched a seasonal drink which is designed to improve customer’s wellbeing during the Autumn. Organic honey mixed with espresso is a perfect marriage to keep customers warm and healthier during colder days. Another Perkee coffee called ‘Mexican mocha’ full of warming spices will be launched in January.

Customers are loving our newly launched sustainable Perkee keep cup. Our keep cup is washable, reusable and easily disposed (when it is no longer of use) because it is made of bamboo fibre and non-GMO corn starch which means that it is biodegradable. Customers buy the keep cup and then receive a discount when they use the keep cup instead of a paper disposable cup.

We are currently carrying out a research project with Cardiff University to discover how we can reduce the use of paper cups which have a very negative impact on the environment. We will let you know the results of this in the New Year.

To discuss how we could bring a sustainable coffee offer to your workplace contact us.