Many of us enjoy a cup of coffee to start our day in the morning, it can give our minds that kick start that we need to begin the day. So why not use a coffee scrub too? You’ll be glad to know that there are lots of benefits to using a coffee scrub daily for your skin that will perk you up in a manner of different ways.

We have a really easy 3-ingredient recipe to make a coffee scrub which will take minutes to make, before your coffee even gets cold!

It can improve blood circulation

The caffeine acts as a stimulant to help blood flow around your body, it could also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It removes dead skin cells

By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, this helps to generate lovely, radiant new skin cells free of blemishes. This will also make your skin feel softer, smoother and all round rejuvenated.

It can reduce puffiness

Gently massage the coffee scrub around your eye area (try to avoid direct contact with your delicate eyes!) to get rid of those tired eyes. Not only does drinking coffee perk you up, but a coffee scrub can visibly help you look fresher and ready to go. The caffeine in the coffee restricts the blood vessels giving you less tired looking eyes.

The coconut oil will help to smooth you out

The grounds will gently exfoliate your skin to remove all the dead skin cells, but the coconut will give help to keep that skin soft and do away with dry skin patches. It also keeps your skins connective tissues strong, preventing sagging and wrinkles!

So remember when you’re cleaning out your coffee grounds, that there can be some real benefits of using a coffee scrub every day. Not only will you save those grounds from going into food waste or landfill, you can get yourself some lovely soft and glowing skin!